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We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

ONE. Notes on return and exchange:


  1. Please ensure the integrity of the returned goods and gifts, that is, the goods and gifts must maintain the original quality, function, product itself, accessories, trademarks, tags, and packaging. Set items please return or exchange the entire set.


  1. When returning the product, please return the product itself, tags, accessories, gifts, and product and gift packaging (excluding cartons and courier bags).


  1. The electronic points given for this shopping will be automatically deducted after successful returns.


TWO. Situations that do not support returns and exchanges:


  1. For safety and hygiene reasons, personal items such as underwear, swimsuits, sports bras, socks, pantyhose, leggings, etc.


  1. Products that have been washed, worn, or soiled or damaged by the customer (also referred to as "you") personally.


  1. Commodities whose logos such as trademark logos and washed labels have been removed or cut.


  1. It is not the product itself, but only other items or gifts that come with the order.


  1. Commodities that exceed the time limit for return and exchange.


  1. Shopping card or electronic shopping card.


  1. Customized merchandise.


  1. The product model or serial number recorded in the shopping order for return application does not match the product you sent back.


  1. Due to the nature of the product and the particularity of the sales plan, some products are subject to a special return policy. If the product details page stipulates a special return and exchange policy, it shall be implemented in accordance with the return and exchange policy on the product details page.


THREE. Other matters needing attention:


  1. After the event product is returned and does not meet the preferential conditions, the corresponding discount will be deducted, and the original price of other products in the order will be restored.


  1. Partial returns and exchanges are not accepted for packaged goods.


  1. The shopping paper bag obtained by adding the packaging fee is a special service. This shopping bag is not a commodity, and no return or exchange request for any reason will be accepted.


  1. The exchange is limited to within the same item, and the price of the exchanged product must not be higher than the original purchase price, otherwise the application for return and exchange will not be approved.


  1. Exchange the event product. In order to avoid the replacement product being out of stock, it is recommended that you choose to return the original order, place a new order for the product you want and pay for it (but in this case, if the new order does not meet the free shipping threshold, you need to bear the corresponding freight). The original order will be refunded according to the return process.


  1. Shopping cards and electronic shopping cards are special commodities, and no return or exchange service will be provided after they are sold. For details, please refer to the shopping card rules.


  1. When submitting the return application, please fill in the true and valid express tracking number information of the return shipment, so as not to affect your return processing time limit.


  1. If your order cannot be shipped due to force majeure (out of stock, delivery restrictions, natural disasters, etc.), we will cancel your order, and your payment will be returned to the original channel you used for payment. Please also Check after the refund is successful.


FOUR. Handling of returns and exchanges:


  1. On the premise of complying with this return and exchange policy, if you are not satisfied with the product (whether due to product quality problems or non-quality problems), please be sure to sign for the product within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product (subject to the date of receipt of the courier). Apply for returns and exchanges within days (applicable to reduced-price items and regular-priced items), and we will provide no-reason return services.


  1. Return and exchange charges (including shipping charges) are handled as follows:


A: For returns and exchanges not caused by quality problems, the cost of return and exchange will be borne by you.


B: For returns due to quality problems, we will bear all return and exchange costs. But you need to send it back at your own expense first, and we will refund the shipping fee to you after we receive the product.


  1. Please note that the following situations do not belong to product quality problems:


A: Due to differences in lighting, computer monitor color difference, or personal understanding of color, there may be some color difference between the photo and the real object. This category does not belong to product quality problems.


B: The product details page provides a standard body size chart/real flat measurement size for your reference only; due to manual measurement, different batches or personal measurement method standards, etc., there may be slight differences from your measurement results.


C: Please check whether the product is in good condition after receiving the product, try it on, and submit a return request in time. Return and exchange applications that exceed 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods (subject to the date of receipt of the express delivery) will not be able to return or exchange for you. Some products may have special production techniques or retro old designs, which are not quality problems.


D: Due to the production process or fabric treatment of some products, there will be a little color fading or deformation after washing. If it is within the range of quality inspection standards, it is a normal situation and cannot be dealt with as a quality problem; in addition, it may also be caused by detergent or improper washing methods, please wash according to the instructions.


This return and exchange policy will come into effect and be officially implemented on February 21, 2020

You can always contact us for any return question at